Ophthalmic Knowledge Management Unit, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

Knowledge Management Units are the main pillars of the National Knowledge Management System. The purpose of the creation and development of these units are to produce the customized evidences for evidence based decision making in the Iranian population. Ophthalmic Knowledge Management Unit was inaugurated in Ophthalmic Research Center (ORC) under official license from the Ministry of Health and Education in 2011. The activity of this unit was commenced by train the evidence based medicine concepts to the members’ team. Thereafter, “Customized Clinical Practice Guidelines for Cataract in Adults” and “Customized Clinical Practice Guidelines for Diabetic Retinopathy” were provided according to the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and Education.
At the present time, “Clinical Practice Guidelines for Prevention, Diagnosis and Management of Early and Delayed-onset Ocular Complications of Mustard Gas Exposure” is being recruited and the “Customized Clinical Practice Guidelines for Glaucoma” and “Customized Clinical Practice Guidelines for Amblyopia” will be the next priorities.
Generally, Ophthalmic Knowledge Management Unit is creating evidences based on two following approaches:
1. Proactive (Clinical Knowledge Scanning and Health Technology Horizon Scanning)
2. Reactive (Systematic Reviews, Synthetic Knowledge based on national priorities such as Clinical Practice Guidelines and Health Technology Assessment)