Research Priorities

1. Epidemiologic studies on prevalence and causes of visual impairment and blindness
2. Epidemiologic studies on diabetic retinopathy
3. Epidemiologic studies on glaucoma
4. Epidemiologic studies on refractive errors
5. Epidemiologic studies on age related macular degeneration
6. Epidemiologic studies on trachoma
7. Methods of refractive correction in children, young adults and elderly
8. Evaluation of social and public aspects of ocular disorders
9. Prevention: Designation of strategic programs for prevention of blindness and visual impairment at national and sub-national levels
10. Health service research (HSR) in ophthalmology
11. Integration of ophthalmic services in primary health care (PHC) system
12. KAP studies (Knowledge, Attitude and Practice) in ophthalmology
13. Cost studies in ophthalmology
14. Quality of life studies in ophthalmology
15. Analysis of current management status in hospitals with ophthalmic services (clinical governance and audit)
16. Designation and assessment of standard scientific protocols and clinical practice guidelines